What's changing with the PMP Exam on January 11th, 2016? Should I wait? 

When PMI announced that the PMP Certification Exam would be changing after January 11, 2016, we saw two reactions from those planning to take the exam.  Some hurried to prepare and sit for the exam before January 11th while many others are deciding to postpone their preparation, planning to take exam after the January 11th change date. 

Should you wait?

Before you decide, know the facts:

  • the PMBoK Guide, 5th Edition, the foundational text from which the PMP Certification Exam is based, did not change.
  • 8 new tasks were added to the PMP Exam Content Outline.  The 8 new tasks cover about 20% of the new Exam Content Outline, but these 8 tasks are already addressed in the PMBoK Guide and Rita Mulcahy's PMP Exam Prep textbook, the primary textbook we use for our PMP Exam Prep course.  In response to the updates, RMC published an 'updated' version of the Rita Mulcahy PMP Exam Prep - Eighth Edition.  To quote RMC, 'the changes were mostly minor and already consistent with our interpretation of the project manager's role in the existing edition of the book.'  Because the updates were so minor, RMC decided not release a new edition of their book, but instead, released an 'updated' version of the current release.  To be specific, RMC added or updated only 15 sentences in their 588 page PMP Exam Prep textbook - that's it!
  • PMI is communicating that as much as 25% of the questions on the updated exam (the version administered after January 11th) will relate to the new topics, however these tasks were already covered in the current PMBoK Guide, 5th Edition and in the Rita Mulcahy PMP Exam Prep, Eighth Edition.  So much so, that by adding or updating only 15 sentences in the their exam prep book, RMC, one of the world's most well respected publishers of PMP Exam Prep material, felt that these minor updates sufficiently addressed any gaps in their coverage of the January 11th updates. 

To summarize -    We are now using the updated version of the Rita Mulcahy textbook in all our PMP Exam Prep classes and we also provide a two-page handout to students explaining the updates (see link below).  So, whether you decide to take the PMP Certification Exam before or after January 11th, 2016, our current PMP Exam Prep course provides everything you need to know to sit for - and pass - the PMP Certification Exam.


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